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Expert Witness Real Estate Appraisal Services

Eric L. Risberg, MAI, ASA, SRA is the founder of the company and is the lead appraiser for all litigation matters. He has been hired as an expert on over 40 cases and has testified in trial.

He has provided expert witness services pertaining to the following types of cases: changes in market conditions, construction defect litigation, forensic valuations, land value disputes, real estate broker standard of care, ground leases, residential properties, landlord-tenant disputes, physical damage claims to real estate due to a variety of natural or man-made causes, land use and zoning issues, lease-option arbitrations, and divorce cases, among others.

Eric L. Risberg, MAI, ASA, SRA is a real estate expert witness, with extensive experience in both commercial and residential appraisal on a nationwide basis.  He has over 20 years of commercial real estate experience in valuing complex properties and advising clients on real property matters. As an expert witness, or, in other litigation support roles, Eric will provide you with an outstanding contribution to your legal team's success.

If you require something other than an expert witness for trial, we also frequently provide consulting expert services where we work in mediations, arbitrations or other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) settings such as JAMS or the American Arbitration Association to resolve matters that are not expected to go trial.

When Choosing an expert witness you should be careful to hire someone with the necessary experience, education and required communication skills to insure that you are not later embarrassed by an expert that is inexperienced, nervous or inarticulate.  When the U.S. economy weakened and bank appraisal work slowed down, many more appraisers claiming to be experts tried to get into this unique sector of appraisal services.  Attorneys should take great care in carefully vetting their chosen expert.  Seeking references and meeting the expert before hiring them are both good advice. 

When hired as an expert for your case you can sure that we will adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), as required by law, and will point out the opposing experts' shortcomings in meeting this standard of care if it is apparent.   

Litigation Support and the Consulting Expert Role

Are you looking for a commercial real estate appraisal firm experienced in assisting clients as a consulting expert?  A consulting expert is generally defined as:  an expert who, though retained by a party, is not expected to be called as an expert at a trial (Black's Law Dictionary, eighth edition, p. 619).  The need for such an individual or firm can vary based on a number of factors.  There are a variety of reasons why an attorney or other party may choose to use a consulting expert instead of, or in addition to, an expert witness.  The main reasons tend to fall into two main categories.  The first are practical reasons, and the second tend to be more strategically-oriented reasons.

Practical reasons for using a consulting expert may be that the parties may be heading into a resolution to a disputed matter in a way other than a traditional trial at court.  Many parties agreed to mediations, arbitrations or other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods to resolve matters that used to go to a full blown trial.  Other practical reasons may be cost savings or a reduced scope of work. 

Strategic reasons for using a consulting expert may be to assist an attorney or other party, including judges, to consider evidence submitted by different, or opposing, expert witnesses in a case or other legal proceedings.  With the consulting expert being freed from depositions, testimony at trial, and cross examination, the consulting expert may instead be used to review evidence that has been submitted both from other experts on the case as well as by plaintiffs and defendants.  The consulting expert will typically take on a more advisory, and sometimes a more behind-the-scenes type of role as a reviewer of various real estate topics in a case, or, to specifically look at submitted expert reports and exhibits to check for accuracies, adherence to the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice, or other standard of care practices which may be outside the sphere of knowledge of the attorney. Judges sometimes hire consulting experts to provide an unbiased interpretation of different real estate appraisal reports, for example.  Another reason that a consulting expert may be used is that an attorney may have missed a deadline for which to disclose an expert witness for trial and now finds that he or she needs to have the ability to at least understand the various intricacies of a real estate issue that they were unable to foresee at the earlier stages of the litigation process.