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Airports and Aviation-Related Real Estate Assets

Are you looking for a commercial real estate appraiser with expertise in the appraisal of airports and airport-related real estate assets? You have come to the right place. The appraisal of airports and airport-related assets requires specialized training and experience above and beyond that which is generally obtained from most commercial real estate appraisers.

Depending on the size of the airport, and the scope of work required by the assignment, there may be a need to evaluate various factors including:

Revenue Streams from various income sources, these may include:  apron fees, take-off and landing fees, hangar rentals, retail leases, ground leases, fueling fees, maintenance fees, and many others. Zoning, planning department, and legal limitations on the use of the airport. Trends in the airport industry: regionally, nationally and internationally depending on the property. Competition from other airports. Geographical limitations of the airport including runway length, direction, ability to expand facilities, or extend runways. A study of area amenities: proximity to major urban areas; car rental facilities, hotels, and major tourist attractions to name a few.

Eric L. Risberg, MAI, ASA, the founder of our company, has provided this service to clients in this specialized industry for over 20 years. He also has established relationships with airport owners, operators and aviation attorneys in the industry should the project require an expanded team approach or additional due diligence.

Depending on the purpose of the appraisal a detailed look at the three traditional approaches to value may be warranted. These comprise the income capitalization approach, sales comparison approach, and the cost approach to value. Depending on the ownership interest being appraised, a partial interest valuation may also be required.

If you are looking to have an airport appraised or any portion of real estate associated with an airport, such as hangars, land, buildings, maintenance facilities and many other assets, please contact Eric L. Risberg, MAI, ASA, for a free initial consultation and a fee quote. You may either call us at 415-531-1414, or, fill out the convenient and confidential short form on our web site and you will receive a call from us in a couple minutes.